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Ramazanov Eldar († 19.05.2018)

Date of birth: February 5, 2001. Diagnosis: Undifferentiated carcinoma

An active guy has many friends and is always ready to help. Eldar Ramazanov has a good memory and wants to study architecture. He is an athlete. Once after competition guy felt abdominal pain. A local doctor examined him, diagnosed with muscles contraction and prescribed muscle relaxing medicament. And the pain did not cease and accompanied with fever. Doctors assumed it was appendicitis inflammation. But ultrasound testing depicted two tumors. Computer tomography confirmed 6 cm tumors and a hole in his spleen. Eldar immediately was prepared for a surgery. But when it was done, doctors are just horrified of the tumor merged into one with a size of 20 cm. Doctors wondered how a week could happen this mutation. Eldar was diagnosed with undifferentiated carcinoma with signs of neuroendocrine differentiation of retroperitoneal space. There are metastases in the spleen and liver. Stage is 4-th.

Eldar is undergoing treatment at the regional children's hospital. The family has four children; the youngest is an autistic child, so all the money they spent to the treatment of the disabled person. Mom is divorced with her husband for several years, he has no children case. So Ramazanovs and we ask you to be a piece of the good – guy needs help, because only he, at this stage, will be able to support the so loved family.

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