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Ostapiuk Mykola († 27.12.2016)

Date of birth: 03.11.2010. Diagnosed with – soft tissue swelling of the right buttock

Mykola is engaged in football professionally. He is a student of Ivano-Frankivsk Physical Education College. He fell ill in October, when he was just playing football and got hematoma. Severe pain in leg and right buttock area appeared. They decided straight away to visit the hospital, where doctors said the analysis was terrible. The boy has metastasis in the lungs and sarcoma of the 4th stage.

Associations with the name Mykola are very good – strong, confident young man. Unfortunately, now he begins to doubt about his strength at hospital. Will treatment be helpful? His mom doesn’t know the answer , she only hugs the boy and hopes for better. Kolia believes also in better, he wants to play football again. Lets help Kolia to fulfill his dream. Our help is in money and prayers.

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