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Drahanchuk Anna-Mariia († 12.02.2016)

Date of birth: 03.11.2010. Diagnosed with - Ewing's sarcoma

How long was parents “wait” to have a baby – 8 years. Their child, Anna is a very quick-witted girl, parents could not help admiring the child. She was ill as a usual child sometimes, but she began to suffer from pain in her leg, especially in the night, from September. The girl had long examinations, different diagnoses and operation in Kyiv. However, doctors said she has Ewing's sarcoma.

Ania has the first chemotherapy course in Kyiv, in the Oncology Department. The second – in Ivano-Frankivsk. Parents don`t work – her mother is on the maternity leave, while her father is also on the child-care leave. They don’t have money to treat her child, but they need it right now.

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