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Myshchak Ivan († 13.10.2016)

Date of birth: 21.01.1998 Diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphomas

Ivan is a boy with sincere and kind heart. He is very responsive and gentle person. He has sympathy for every person, but now he is in need of our sympathy for him. When his parents suspected of a tumor, he learned in the 9th grade. The tumor grew so rapidly, that there was a need to remove a lymph node. This operation didn`t have a positive result because the tumor continued to grow.

Ivan firmly believed in his recovery, thought about future profession and had a wish to learn material from all lessons he missed. Two years passed. He began to prepare for External Evaluating testing to enter the University, but the disease was too strong. The tumor became bigger very quickly. Now the boy needs intensive and continuous treatment. His parents ask for help.The family doesn`t have money to cure the son. Moreover, they need to take care of two more children in the family. We cannot be indifferent in such situation. Ivan has still many dreams and he wants to make good things in his life for people.

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