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Mosorko Ruslan

Date of birth: April 10, 2003. Diagnosis: left testicle teratoblastomy

If a child from a large family is sick- that’s a problem for all relatives. And if that is the eldest son, and even has cancer – it's just grief. Ruslan was born with oxygen deficiency, which influenced on his further health. Doctors even did not give hope the child would survive. But Ruslan survived, grew up and was healthy.

But the boy is getting sick for the last six month. That all started from abdominal pain and scrotum enlargement. They did a testicles tumor biopsy – the tumor was malignant. He has left testicle teratoblastomy, IV stage. The boy’s general condition is extremely serious; he got 2 chemotherapies, got seizures because of intense intoxication, and was in intensive care department. Both his parents have no opportunity to work, because one of them should constantly be in the hospital. Besides, there are two younger children at home, who not healthy. We ask not indifferent people to help.

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