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“You are an Angel” Charitable Foundation paid for Igor Gavrish's treatment at the rehabilitation cen

16-year-old Ihor Havrysh was involved in a serious accident in September. It happened in the village Guta, where the boy lives. We all together raised money for the child's treatment.

Charitable Foundation “You are an Angel” paid for the his weekly rehabilitation in one of the leading rehabilitation centers in Truskavets. The cost of rehabilitation treatment is UAH 22,000. The boy and his mother are already there.

An MRI of the brain and knees was done last week: there is still a blood clot in the brain. The doctor prescribed additional treatment. However, there is a fracture of the lateral bone in the right knee. Water is formed there, knees hurt a lot, especially after exercise or walking. Doctors say that if this continues, the joints will be damaged.

In the rehabilitation center, where Igor is now, all the necessary tests and examinations are performed. They will watch how the knees will react to the massage and whether there will be worse swelling. So far, everything is going very well.

Let us remind you, that Igor went on a scooter. At the turn, he did not miss the oncoming van. In addition to Igor, two other classmates were injured in the accident.

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