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Comfortable bathrooms for children with disabilities

Have you ever wondered how comfortable it is for children with disabilities to move around in a wheelchair? And how to climb the stairs,...


Apitherapy for orphans

It has long been known that the best doctor for the human body is nature and all its components. In recent years, humanity is...


Christmas Together (CONSTANTLY ACTIVE)

Christmas is one of the most important family holidays of the year, which has centuries-old traditions. But there are children who are...


Winter vacation for orphans (CONSTANTLY ACTIVE)

Winter is a season that fascinates in its own way and prepares many positive emotions for each of us. It is in winter that we meet with...


Unforgettable vacation (CONSTANTLY ACTIVE)

"Vacation", "vacation", "summer" - these are simple and at the same time understandable words that cause a smile and positive emotions in...


Let's teach orphans independence (IMPLEMENTED)

Most of us were incredibly lucky in childhood, because there were always people around who helped us learn new skills, taught us and gave...


Image by Gabriel Baranski

Our Projects

"Projects of BF "Ty-Angel" are not just a cool idea. This is a story about emotions, attention, love and kindness.

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