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About us

Our motto is expressed in the following lines: “To love means to participate fully in joy and in sorrow of your neighbor.  Anyone who loves, opens in himself limitless opportunities of consolation and sympathy.  People are angels with only one wing.  And we can fly only when we embrace someone."


Найбільша нафтогазовидобувна компанія України ПАТ "Укрнафта" зробила вагомий внесок у розвиток Дитячого містечка "Дім Ангела".

Latest News

ПАТ "Укрнафта" долучилася до розвитку Дитячого містечка "Дім Ангела" на Прикарпатті

неділя, 19 травня 2024 р.

Meet the Team

We are a team of caring young people. Our goal is to provide charitable assistance to those who need it. We are no different from other young people, so anyone who wants to do good can join our friendly team.

Director, founder of the fund

Art therapist


Halyna Prymak

Representative in Lisbon

Mykola Ivaskiv


Zhanna Zgurska

Head of the foundation's press service, press relations

Liliana Khomyshyn

Chief accountant, co-founder of the fund

Maryna Zavadska

Fund lawyer, project manager

Tatiana Ugrak

Translator, media relations

Representative in New York

Ivan Onyshchuk
The You Angel Purpose

Charity Foundation "You're an Angel" is an independent, apolitical and non-religious denominations charitable organization. We provide free assistance to children becoming hostages of severe illness or being in difficult life circumstances.

Our Mission

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