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The CF “You are an Angel” helps children and families during the war

Our team supports hospitals, internally displaced children and families in difficult life circumstances. We help to evacuate children and their mothers from the war zone, search for housing, as well as provide support in traveling abroad to seriously ill children and children with disabilities. The war cruelly adjusted the life of every Ukrainian family, every child and Ukraine in particular. Our foundation has been able to quickly reformat its activities and adapt to today's challenges. Nevertheless, the values and mission of the CF “You are an Angel” remain unchanged. They are live safety, child’s health, the availability of food and hygiene products. These are the tasks of that the foundation's volunteers are currently working on. We are also focusing on housing at the “House of an Angel” Children's Campus. Besides, we are preparing to receive children and mothers from the war zone to ensure their safety, provide their access to food and water, decent living conditions and medical support. We thank all our foreign and national partners, friends for constructive cooperation, valuable and important help, which they generously provide us in this difficult time for our country! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to our defenders! Glory to the volunteers and everyone who is fighting the Russian invaders!


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