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Suduk Oleksandr († 07.10.2015)

Date of birth: 01.10.2004 Diagnosed with Germinoma (brain tumor)

A cheerful boy – Oleksandr shines from joy and gives all his love to people around him. The child is interested in art classes, engaged in gymnastics and modern dance. He would continue enjoying all hobbies and interests, if not a suddenly appeared problem with his health, which painted the summer in gray colors.

At the end of educational year, Oleksandr understood that all things around are blurred. His vision was very low and parents decided to seek for experts, who could examine the boy. After consultations, doctors gave a bad diagnosis – the boy had a brain tumor. The child spent three weeks with his mom in Kyiv in Neurosurgical Center, where doctors made careful examination (biopsy, histology) and then concluded that the tumor damaged an eye nerve, that`s why he could not be operated.

The only one hope for recovery – six chemotherapy blocks, which could destroy malignant tumor. Oleksandr finished the first block of chemotherapy, his health is stable, but he needs to take 5 more chemotherapy blocks. His parents feel, that could not manage to pay the full cost of medicine, so they ask everybody for support. Family and friends believe in quick recovery. Our small optimist – Oleksandr is sure about this too.

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