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Stepan Yaremko

Date of birth: July 26, 2009. Diagnosis - diffuse astrocytoma

Stepan was born healthy and had no abnormalities. Only mother brought the child since his three months. In early 2017 Stepan felt a tummy ache. But the treatment did not produce results. Then severe headache tormented the boy. After examinations and MRI in Lviv he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. But, after a biopsy test in Kiev, doctors reassured: the tumor is benign, but it can not be removed because of its deeply placing in the head. The doctors decided to put a shunt through which fluid flows to tumors of the stomach and excreted naturally. But Stepan need to have radiotherapy. He is now in the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Pediatric Hospital. The boy feels good, but tumor fighting needs a lot of money. The mother has no money. The father has long been a second family, because all this time and they are still coping with difficulties themselves. However, the treatment is too long and the amount is large, so let's support the Stepan he felt that not only the mother and brother can help him.

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