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Children deprived of parental care spent Christmas in the Carpathians

We felt the spirit of the Nativity of Christ within the Ukrainian traditions in the Carpathian village Guta. The team of the Charitable Foundation “You are an Angel” of the second Holy Evening and Epiphany for the pupils of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children during the Christmas holidays, on January 17–19. The celebration took place in the fabulous Carpathian village Guta, near the residence of the President of Ukraine.

Pupils started their vacation with an interesting excursion in the Pidhir'ya Underhill Earth History Park. A family of mammoths and many prehistoric giants impressed children very much. The sculptures were amazing in their size and appearance. Then we went to the picturesque village Guta, which is surrounded by Gorgan. Children settled in a cozy house. The next day they visited the Guta Lyceum, where the director of the institution invited them. Pupils and teachers were greeted with carols and Christmas carols, and children were treated to delicious donuts and sweet compote.

The excursion to the residence of the President of Ukraine was extremely interesting. The children got incredible impressions, because the real Hutsul guide conducted the tour so skillfully and excitingly that the boys and girls were just delighted.

In the evening of January 18, they visited the local church, where we collected holy water and sang carols. As soon as the first star rose in the sky, they sat down at the festive table set for them by the staff of the Sinogora Hotel. The Holy Supper (or Hungry Kutia) was extremely tasty! Well, according to tradition, they went to carol and give generously under the windows of local residents. Already on the day of Baptism they took part in the worship and consecration of the Jordanian water in the church.

Children ended their vacation unexpectedly – on horse riding, organized for children by a local forester. He took the children on sledges so that the children could feel the real frosty winter, the smell of the freshness of the Carpathian forest and other delights of the Guta region.

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