Рак переміг Ельдара Рамазанова

2018 05 22 Views: 99

В суботу, 19 травня перестало битися серце 17-річного калушанина Ельдара Рамазанова. Юнак тривалий час боровся із складною онкологічною недугою, але напривеликий жаль хвороба перемогла хлопця. Через кілька тижнів Ельдар мав стати випускником школи.


Victoria Vistovska - the third relapse of the brain tumor

2018 05 15 Views: 842

Victoria has been struggling with the illness for four years. She completed basic treatment and she was due to make a bone marrow transplant last December. But all over again illness - Victoria has third relapse of the brain tumor. Help Victoria overcome the tumor, there is a chance for her complete recovery. That's just a long and expensive process.


Pavlo Gumenyak - treatment gives results

2018 05 14 Views: 78

Condition of Pavlo Gumenyak has improved after the changed of treatment. It is easier for him to walk and redness on her legs has gone. It is almost no bleeding from his feet and intestine pain are minimized. The boy is walk more, he likes to read different books and make puzzles. His letter became more expressive. Pavlo smiles more.


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