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Gladiy Evelina

Evelinka is almost five years old. The life story of this sweet girl begins in April 2016. Evelina is an early bird who early asked for her own from her mother's tummy. The six-month-old baby, with a weight of only 870 grams and a height of 35 cm, quite frightened the doctors of the maternity hospital. No one knew what would happen next with the baby, whether her body would cope and whether she would be able to live a full life in the future. There were much more questions than answers to them.

Born on 04/28/2016 Diagnosis - cerebral palsy, spastic lower paraparesis

Evelina gradually gained weight and got to know the world around her. Now the girl weighs 11 kilograms, and her height reaches almost a meter. The child is somewhat behind in physical development and has a number of concomitant diseases - cerebral palsy, hepatoblastoma of the liver, oncology.

Evelinka is a cheerful and very active child. She is worried about the fact that she cannot fully move and move in space. The girl's parents and older brothers are also worried about this. Relatives see the child's potential and make every effort to ensure that Evelina takes rehabilitation courses on time, which help her a lot. However, today the family is in an extremely difficult financial situation, which endangers the further treatment of the girl.

"We are no longer able to pay for Evelina's rehabilitation on our own. Due to the child's illness, I cannot get a job, I have to be with her all the time. Our dad is a member of the ATO and has the second group of disabilities, together we are raising two older sons. The pension received by the husband and daughter is barely enough for the bare necessities. - says mother Maria in despair.

Treatment at the Child Rehabilitation Center "Victoria" gives obvious results. After each course, Evelina feels more confident in the space, willingly performs all the therapeutic exercises taught to her by the rehabilitators. She really likes to draw, write letters, sculpt animals from plasticine, and also tries to dress herself and help her mother and brothers. However, she manages all this with great difficulty.

Evelina's perseverance and character add optimism to adults and show that you can't give up. Evelina must get another course of treatment! Let's help her in this together!

Requisites for assistance:

Recipient: BO "BF TI-ANGEL"

y/y: 26000060398106

CODE (EDRPOU): 36321738

Bank code (MFI): 336677

Payee's bank: PrivatBank

Purpose of payment: charitable donation for the treatment of Gladia Evelina

Account in euros:

Beneficiary: - CF "You ANGEL"

The bank account of the company - 26002052512277

Name of the bank - Privatbank, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


IBAN Code - UA083366770000026002052512277

Correspondent banks

Account in the correspondent bank - 400886700401

SWIFT-code of the correspondent bank - COBADEFF

Correspondent bank - Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Account in US dollars:

Beneficiary: - CF "You ANGEL"

The bank account of the company - 26003052518786

Name of the bank - Privatbank, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


IBAN Code - UA813366770000026003052518786

Correspondent banks

Account in the correspondent bank - 001-1-000080

SWIFT-code of the correspondent bank - CHASUS33

Correspondent bank - JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, USA

Help Evelina online

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