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Let's teach orphans independence (IMPLEMENTED)

Most of us were incredibly lucky in childhood, because there were always people around who helped us learn new skills, taught us and gave practical recommendations that helped us grow up, develop and thus prepare us for adult life. Of course, these are our parents. Today we want to present you a very practical project.

We know that such projects are "unpopular", but we are 100% sure that the benefits of this "unpopular" of the project will be colossal.

We help children, and the topic of orphanhood is very close to us. Quite often, the volunteers of the foundation are faced with the fact that children who are brought up in institutions are not adapted to independent life, because they are used to having everything served to them on a plate. Boys and girls do not know and do not know basic household things - how to cook food, wash and iron clothes, wash dishes, sweep the floor. This problem is especially acute in educational institutions that educate special children - with psychophysical disabilities.

Yablunivsk special boarding school is just such an educational and educational institution. This is where we want to equip a real kitchen where children, under the guidance of training instructors, will be able to learn how to cook their own food, wash dishes, care for and use kitchen utensils.

Just imagine how useful these elementary practical skills will be for a child who will leave the residential institution and face adult and unpredictable life! Today, let's give the orphan not a fish, but a fishing rod, which will help her not get lost in her independent life. We assure you that your investment will be justified and useful!

It is necessary to collect - UAH 12,000.

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