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Apitherapy for orphans

It has long been known that the best doctor for the human body is nature and all its components. In recent years, humanity is increasingly turning to non-traditional methods of treatment and prevention of various diseases. One of such methods that has gained great popularity is apitherapy - treatment of various diseases with the help of bees.

Apitherapy is one of the inexpensive and effective measures for the comprehensive restoration of health, both in children and adults. Clinical studies indicate that even a few hours of apiteraria can reveal the full potential of the body's immune system and create the right conditions for the self-regeneration of all human organs. This therapy improves brain function, slows down the aging process, improves vision and sleep, strengthens and stimulates immunity.

The team of volunteers of BF "Ty-Angel" is constantly engaged in the rehabilitation of children of social categories, in particular, those who have lost their families and are dependent in social institutions. Our wards are children with chronic diseases, disorders of the nervous system, children with complex psychological injuries. All of them require complex treatment - medicinal and non-traditional (folk). Every year we organize summer health camps where children not only get quality rest, but also improve their health.

Now the foundation's team is actively working on the implementation of the "Angel's House" project - a children's town where children will receive high-quality services for social and psychological rehabilitation. In the children's town, we will implement many treatment services of non-traditional medicine - canister therapy, apitherapy, hippotherapy...

Our location is a place between ancient forests that preserve a majestic history and incredible energy. Already at this stage, we can invite children to recuperate in the api-hut, but for this we need the support of those who care. Our volunteers have been in contact with professional beekeepers and api-hut manufacturers for a long time. The first are ready to support us and provide constant professional support for the project, and the second - to manufacture and install an api-house at the price of the cost of materials. We invite you to join the implementation of the project and take an important part in shaping the healthy future of our country.

It is necessary to collect - UAH 87,000.

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Settlement accounts of the Fund:

Account in hryvnia:

year/year: UA43 336677 00000 26000060398106

CODE (EDRPOU): 36321738

Recipient: BO "BF TI-ANGEL"

Recipient's bank: PrivatBank

Purpose of payment: charitable donation for the implementation of the charity project "Apitherapy for orphans"

Account in euros:

Beneficiary: - CF "You ANGEL"

The bank account of the company - 26002052512277

Name of the bank - Privatbank, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


IBAN Code - UA083366770000026002052512277

Correspondent banks

Account in the correspondent bank - 400886700401

SWIFT-code of the correspondent bank - COBADEFF

Correspondent bank - Commerzbank AG ,Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Account in USD:

Beneficiary: - CF "You ANGEL"

The bank account of the company - 26003052518786

Name of the bank - Privatbank, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


IBAN Code - UA813366770000026003052518786

Correspondent banks

Account in the correspondent bank - 001-1-000080

SWIFT-code of the correspondent bank - CHASUS33

Correspondent bank - JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, USA


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