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School of a Small Angell (a permanent project)

Aim of the project: non-formal educational services providing training, seminars, and master-classes for "children at risk", orphans, social orphans, children from crisis families, troubled teens, children with criminal problems.

Target group - "children at risk", orphans, social orphans, children from disadvantage families, troubled teens, children with criminal problems.

The project relevance is to address the educational and cultural needs of "children at risk", children from orphanages, centers for social and psychological rehabilitation of children, boarding schools, correctional rehabilitation centers, juvies and children from other institutions to be cared by CF "You are an Angel".

In the frame of the project, the follow trainings and educational activities for children are provided:

- Lessons on financial literacy aim to educate children with consumer complex to money response, to be able to earn money and to know the earned rate. Children from institutions grow up with the idea that “society should give them all”. Without money responsibility, the children are wasteful of monetary resources. Our training aims to dispel the stereotype of "easy money" for children;

- training on moral and spiritual development. It is based on the religious values and guides the child on a path of continuous self-improvement, gives the desire to good deals making, to be merciful, to find their vocation in life;

- tobacco, alcohol and drugs addiction is a widely spread problem for in troubled teens. Their nature need for socialization often refers children to a bad company. Through outreach and sports events, we develop a habit of exercising to discipline, team spirit and healthy competition foster.

- Children from troubled environments need special psychological approach. Essentially, their worldview is based on the experienced aggression and cruelty. Our project of “tale”-therapy aims to create mutual respect, understanding and a supportive moral environment. This is one of methods of struggle with the phenomena of rancor and intractability in children is a complex social categories;

- training on media journalism is a kind of bridge in future amount of professions. We want to instill a self necessary sense for children, to give impetus to the development of creative and intellectual potential, to teach them how to become successful and happy.

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