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Ivano-Frankivsk Children’s Hospital (department of hematology)

General Information about the Institution.

We are talking about the department of hematology at Ivano-Frankivsk Children’s hospital almost every day. Here children with cancer undergo treatment, and expensive medications are essential for the young patients. Our foundation tries to provide kids with medications, but without your help it is not possible.

To make kids’ lives at hospital brighter, our volunteers organize art-therapy classes, and kids love them. They learn how to make various crafts. To purchase materials for our classes we need money, not much, but we still need it. Doctors say that plays, events, and talking to psychologists help children undergo the treatment successfully. We do all we can to help the children. It is sad to admit, but the number of children with cancer grows. Medications become more expensive, and with that the chances to win the battle with cancer are higher. Often the lack of money is the only obstacle the children have.

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