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Dolyna Regional Center of Social Support for Children and Families "Warm House"

General information about the institution.

Dolyna orphanage "Teply Dim (Warm home)" is called "warm" for the reasons. It warms those children who do not feel parental warmth. More than fifty children from all districts of the region, 12 of them have a physical disability, live there. Besides accommodation and studying, children receive therapeutic, psychological and rehabilitation services.

Despite of the fact the school at a first glance looks wealthy, the money is still not enough for broaden the base for full rehabilitation of children with mental and physical disabilities, for equipment of mini-stadiums, sports grounds with artificial turf, fencing, construction of a health complex with an indoor swimming pool, refurbishment of street basin and the acquisition of Jacuzzi.

Team of CF "Ty Anhel" ward students of "Warm home". Do you remember our projects: "Portfolio for orphans", "Easter basket", "Dream to move" and others?

Children really need them. In the future we will continue to implement these projects, create new ones to improve the material and technical base of the institution. These children, like all orphans, are waiting for them will come soon mom and dad and take them into full-fledged family. Attention, love, and support are never too much, especially to those who don't have the most expensive – parents.

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