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A greenhouse for a lucky person

In the "Angel's House" children's town, volunteers of the "Ty-Angel" BF organize not only interesting and useful leisure for children who find themselves in difficult life circumstances, but also help them overcome the consequences of psychological and physical

violence that they had to experience in the past.

One of the tools of psychological correction in children is occupational therapy - performing simple tasks that require light physical effort. This approach to the socio-psychological rehabilitation of children makes it possible to distract children from negative emotions, harmful habits, involve them in collective interaction and work for a common result. Boys and girls really like it. That is why we decided to build a small greenhouse in the Children's Village "Angel's House" where children will be able to work on growing vegetables under the supervision of psychologists, watch the growth of seedlings and the appearance of the first fruits, in the end children will be able to consume ecologically clean food grown with their own hands.

We need your support in the implementation of this project, which will help us work on psychological injuries in children, instill in them a love for physical labor and teach children the skills of growing vegetable seedlings, the ability to cultivate the soil with different implements, and recognize different vegetable crops.

Join us!

The project budget is UAH 65,000.00.

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