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Gavrysh Igor

Date of birth: February 16, 2005. Diagnosis: cerebral trauma (concussion). Multiple fractures of the skull

Igor Gavrysh got into a terrible accident. He has numerous injuries.

Igork is the eldest son of a large Gavrish family. The family has four boys and one girl. Igor has been very hard-working since he was a child; he constantly helped his parents with the housework. He loves animals, and even more – the mountains. From the age of 12, he collected berries and mushrooms. He sold them, and saved the proceeds for a cherished dream. He dreamed of buying a scooter. In addition, in a few years the child made this dream come true – he bought a scooter and rode on it.

Igor is still in school. On September 2, he came home from school and got on a scooter to buy diaries for himself and his younger brothers at the store. But his mother felt something bad: she realized that he was gone for a long time, and she started calling. Nobody answered the phone. “A few minutes later, a boy came to me and said that my Igor was in a terrible accident,” said the boy's mother.

The 16-year-old boy has a very serious condition. Hematoma of the spleen and crushed head. The doctor immediately warned that the treatment would be long and expensive. Igor's brain was badly damaged – hemorrhage, cerebral edema, hematomas. Drugs are expensive, and the family is poor. Parents do not have any savings, as all the money was spent on preparing their children for school.

“No one expected such a disaster. I don't know how I have to deal with this?! I thank my fellow villagers for their sympathy, because everyone knows my child as a friendly person, they help. I pray to the Lord that my baby and other participants in the accident will recover as soon as possible. I am ready to do everything in my power for this!”his mother cries.

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