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A summer camp for orphans was held at the “House of an Angel”

Over the week, twenty orphans and children in difficult life circumstances rested, recovered and gained positive emotions in the "House of an Angel" Children's Town.

Sunny summer weather contributed to active recreation. Children swam a lot in the pool located on the territory of the town, played sports, willingly helped the craftsmen working in the town, watered decorative trees and flowers, rode bicycles, ate delicious honey from our apiary, ice cream and cotton candy, visited interesting places in Ivano -Frankivsk region. In particular, they visited the water park, the Blessed Simeon Lukacs Vacation Center, located in the village of Starunya, the Manyava Monastery and the incredibly beautiful Manyava Waterfall.

Mr. Vasyl, who on his high-speed ZIL-car took the little fidgets to the foot of the waterfall, gave a lot of emotions and drive to the children. The trip passed through fast-flowing mountain rivers and high hills, the children had a lot of fun, and sometimes, it was scary, but it brought smiles and excitement to their faces.

The children also took part in the consecration of the newly built chapel in the children’s town. Many of them had the opportunity to demonstrate their creative talents at the festive concert.

And at the “House of an Angel” we celebrated the birthday of our Veronika, she turned 14 years old. The children diligently prepared for this event - they drew a welcome poster, selected a musical greeting, inflated balloons and chose a festive cake. Veronika was happy, and the holiday was a success!

A week of intense rest flew by very quickly! The “House of an Angel” already misses its friends and waits for them to visit again, for rest and social-psychological rehabilitation.

The summer camp for children in need was held thanks to the generous donation of the partners of CF “You are an Angel” from San Francisco, California - to the public organization "HROMADA" and its financial director Yarema Kuzyshyn. Thank you, friends, for always supporting, helping and taking care of recovery and quality rest for children who need it most.

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