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Christmas together or how orphaned children celebrated in the “House of an Angel”

The CF "You Are an Angel" has many good traditions; one is the opportunity for orphans to celebrate the Epiphany outside the state orphanages. For the second year in a row, the Children's Camping "House of an Angel" welcomes children during the Christmas and New Year holidays and organizes cultural and educational programs for them, as well as entertainment and recreation. Children immerse themselves as much as possible in home comfort for four days and become truly happy.

At the "House of an Angel", a festive table is prepared for them, and even after Christmas Eve, the children go caroling around the village. We are sincerely grateful to the village residents of Goshiv for the hospitality, treats, generosity, and warm reception for our carolers.

A special event for two dozen children was the participation in the solemn consecration of the Svicha River water, as well as meeting with the winner of the National Selection "Junior Eurovision 2023," Anastasia Dymyd. Together with our children, Nastya sang a carol, as well as the Eurovision 2023 song – the song "Flower".

The children also welcomed guests from the Ave Maria International Charitable Society to the "House of an Angel". Together, they prayed in the style of the Taize Community, sang many spiritual songs, and shared stories of their lives and experiences of the present.

During their stay in the Children's Camping, the children had the opportunity to visit Christmas Lviv, the water park, a cinema, and a swimming pool.

We hope this Christmas spent in the Children's Camping will be memorable for every child.

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