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Victoria Khomynets Underwent an Examination at the St. Nicholas Clinic

A detailed medical examination of Victoria at St. Nicholas Hospital in Lviv showed positive dynamics of the child’s physiological development.

The doctors who examined Victoria at the beginning of the year are satisfied with the results of the already completed treatment and systematic rehabilitation courses. Doctors claim that Victoria’s body accepts the prescribed treatment and she will be fine.

Victoria completed a one-week rehabilitation course at St. Nicholas Hospital and has already returned home. She has improved her physical skills - she controls her head more confidently and can turn it on left and right, and turns over on her own.

The rehabilitators assigned the girl constant classes on a verticalizer, a swimming pool and a special diet – a high-calorie mixture that will help Victoria gain a body weight corresponding to her age.

Despite health problems, Victoria and her mother took part in the 28th International Prayer Rosary held last week in the Monastery of the Assumption of the Mother of God in the village of Pogonya. Although the journey on foot lasted more than 35 km, the girl and her mother were inspired by this pilgrimage and did not feel tired at all.

At the end of September, Victoria enters another rehabilitation in Truskavets. Specialists of Dr. Kozyavkin’s International Clinic are waiting for the girl here. The CF “You are an Angel” has already paid for a medical ticket for Victoria and is waiting for her new achievements, which the girl will definitely achieve after a course of intensive treatment!

We are grateful to everyone who supports Victoria and helps her get back on her feet, move independently and not give up on the disease.

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