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Victoria Khomynets

Victoria had to use artificial lung ventilation from the first days of her life.

Her mother, Alina, in labor did not understand what was happening around her. Doctors have immediately took the newly born child just after the labor and transferred to another department; and no one mentioned the reason. It was only known that Victoria could breathe on her own at 20%. The newborn baby had severe convulsions and even hemorrhage. After seven days of intensive care, Victoria and her mother spent another 14 days in the neonatology department of the regional children’s hospital.

Little by little, the girl grew up, kept her head up, but the attentive mother began to notice the muscle tonus. After four months of life, Victoria had even bigger convulsions, and there were hospital wards, examinations, procedures again. Three weeks of treatment gave results – the convulsions left Victoria. After returning home from the hospital, Victoria was very tired, did not make any sounds, and did not move at all. The girl’s tone began to increase again, which turned into spasticity. Victoria underwent an MRI, the doctors concluded that cerebral palsy was caused by hypoxia during childbirth.

Now Victoria is 1 year and 3 months old, the girl holds her head up only 80% of the time, turns only from her tummy. The child achieved these successes thanks to constant rehabilitation and perseverance of the young mother. It is impossible to stop in any case; Victoria really needs to have high-quality rehabilitation systematically, because doctors give very optimistic forecasts. If the rehabilitation treatment is not stopped, the girl will be able to return to the normal development of a healthy child. She will be able to walk, jump and take care of herself in the future.

Her mother Alina is ready to accept this challenge, but she needs our support and help.

“Our family is not able to pay for rehabilitation for Victoria on our own, but they must be done systematically. We spent all the savings on intensive care, thanks to which Victoria continues to live. Victoria and I are ready to be patient, open to hard work with rehabilitators, but we need support of caring people. Support us, please”the young mother Alina asks with hope in her eyes.

Date of birth: December 28, 2021

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, double hemiplegia with persistent, severe movement disorders, delayed psycho-speech development. Symptomatic epilepsy, generalized myoclonic convulsions. Partial atrophy of optic nerve discs. Convergent alternating strabismus.

* Please specify the payment purpose – charitable assistance for the treatment of Victoria Khomynets.

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