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Kruk Mariana

Date of birth: 05.06.1998. Diagnosis: volumetric neoplasm of the cervical spine

Mariana Kruk is a future technologist of meat production and conservation. Girl graduated from 9 grades and entered the college; she successfully completed the first course. But she can’t enter the second year. She has a tumor. In her 16 Mariana has not even a passport because of her disease.

She got sick in the summer. It was a pain in her shoulder. Mom thought it had been a chilled nerve, so she did not perceive it seriously. The same was said at the district hospital. But medicaments did not stop pain, so they went to the regional hospital. After neurology consultation, MRI scan and biopsy it was found a malignant tumor.

Girl is now in Oncohematology Department. She should take chemotherapy as son as possible, but he family has no money. Her life has only just begun; however, it can stop abruptly with out help in time. Please, respond to the cries of despair; do not leave a child in need. She's already adult, so she is well aware that her life hangs in the balance - and it's worse when you know that without the help of outsiders, the chances are minimal.

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