Who we have helped

Gavrysh Igor

2021 09 15 Views: 2466

Igor Gavrysh got into a terrible accident.The 16-year-old boy has a very serious condition. Hematoma of the spleen and crushed head. The doctor immediately warned that the treatment would be long and expensive. Igor's brain was badly damaged – hemorrhage, cerebral edema, hematomas. Drugs are expensive, and the family is poor. Parents do not have any savings, as all the money was spent on preparing their children for school.


Anna Mendyk

2021 06 02 Views: 604

Anna Mendyk has a very complex form of scoliosis. It is more and more difficult for her to walk every day. The parents has completed many massage and rehabilitation courses. And all the doctors convinced them that only surgery could straighten the spine. It really is so. Implants will make the back straight. However, the cost of the operation is UAH 240 000.


Labachuk Nadiya

2021 04 02 Views: 773

Immediately after giving birth, little Nadiya was hospitalized for pediatric intensive care. The parents were told that the child had skin problems. Numerous medical examinations have established a genetic disease – bullous epidermolysis. This disease occurs due to a “breakdown” of the gene and occurs once in 50 000 cases. Such children are called “butterflies”.


Denys Gorbach

2020 11 11 Views: 1075

Denis is 16 years old. The young man was diagnosed with cerebral palsy from an early age. Due to congenital changes in the hip joints, the treatment gave little result. He does not walk at all and does not stand on his two feet. This disease limits Denys’s full life, and ordinary everyday things are not easy for him. The hands are active: the boy eats on his own, plays board games, despite the fact that the small motility of the hands is disturbed.


Iryna Dovgomelia

2020 09 13 Views: 1067

We would like to introduce you a small and very cute girl Irynka. Soon she will turn her 5. Irynka loves dancing and fun games, as well as painting. Besides, she loves her brothers very much – 10 years-old Mykhailyk and 2 months-old Ivasyk. Moreover, everything would be fine if only the terrible diagnosis – multicystic of both kidneys which causes anemia, hyperparoterosis (excess calcium), excess phosphorus, because kidneys do not filter it. All her efforts are to combat the disease.


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