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Philip Morris International invests in constructing the Children's House "House of an Angel"

The American global cigarette and tobacco company "Philip Morris International" invests in constructing the Children's House "House of an Angel".

The CF "You are an Angel" continues the construction of the Children's Town started last year thanks to the support of Philip Morris International and the staff of the Charitable Foundation. This camp will be a rehabilitation center for children.

The company transferred USD 76,100 USD to the "You are an Angel" Charitable Foundation account. "The company has raised these funds through its volunteer platform, Projects with the Heart, to help Ukraine during these challenging times of war. It is a voluntary and socially charitable activity carried out by its employees-volunteers.This is the way they make a personal contribution to the company's future and help those in need. These actions set examples to follow and providers of change inside and outside the company", says Iana Myts, a company representative.

For more than a week now, we have provided active repairing works in Children's Town. We install wood paneling in the bedrooms, ceramic tiles in the bathrooms, repair the kitchen unit, and purchase appliances, beds, mattresses, doors, and other furniture.

The House of an Angel will soon host children from the eastern and central regions of Ukraine for rehabilitation. Here they will be able to restore their psycho-emotional state and find peace and care.

The foundation's team is working hard to complete the repairs and put the center into operation as soon as possible. We are sincerely grateful to our new partners and friends from Philip Morris International, who responded quickly to the needs of the present, i.e., the help and support of children who survived the fear and pain of the war in Ukraine caused by the Russian army.

We call on big business to take the initiative from Philip Morris International and join the House of an Angel project's implementation because there is still a lot of work ahead, and the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is gaining momentum. More and more Ukrainian children are falling victim to the brutal policies of the Moscow government.

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