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Children prayed the rosary in the Oncology Department

In the oncology department, children prayed the rosary for the life and health of the Defenders of Ukraine.

Volunteers of the CF “You are an Angel” together with the chaplain of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital Fr. Mykola Katrych organized a prayer meeting with children undergoing treatment in the hematological oncology department. Together they prayed on the rosary for the preservation of the lives of our Defenders, the end of the war in Ukraine, unity and peace in the whole world.

The children’s prayer was extremely sincere and emotional, so we know for sure that it will be heard in heaven.

Father Mykola told the children the interesting story about the origin of the rosary, its power; as well, why it is worth practicing daily prayer on the beads.

We are grateful to God, Armed Forces of Ukraine for the opportunity to pray together; we will continue this good prayer tradition in the oncology department.

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