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A Cornerstone for the Future Chapel was Consecrated in the Children's Town

In the children's town “House of Angels” in the village of Goshiv, Dolynska local community, the cornerstone for the construction of a chapel was consecrated.

Father Viktor Kvasniy (Order of Saint Basil the Great) consecrated the cornerstone with the blessing of the abbot of the Goshiv Monastery “Transfiguration of the Lord” Maryan Grobelny.

The participants of this memorable event were orphans and children in difficult life circumstances who came for rest and rehabilitation to the Children's Town “House of Angels” from Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv.

Father Viktor blessed all those present and sprinkled them with holy water. He wished the builders easy and effective work for the glory of God, and the children good health, good rest and God’s care. “May there always be a little time for God in your life, and the built chapel will be a place where each of you can meet Jesus and Mary personally. A place where you can meet God one-on-one, communicate with him and recover spiritually”, Fr. Victor concluded.

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