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Autumn Holidays at the “House of an Angel”

The children’ camping “House of an Angel” is especially cozy in autumn – it is calm, quiet and picturesque, and it smells of forest and mushrooms. Nature creates its unsurpassed color after the active summer months.

Eighteen children from the Dolyna regional center of social support for children and families “Warm House” had the opportunity to spend four days in the children's camping. Together we went on a one-day hike to Vyshkiv Pass. This is one of the passes in Ukrainian Carpathians, located in the southwestern part of the Gorgan region, at the watershed of the Svicha River and its tributary, the Myzunka. The children climbed to a height of 988 m above sea level, and after an exciting journey through the forest paths, we organized a picnic in the middle of the yellowed forest.

In the “House of an Angel”, children swam to their heart’s content in the warm pool, and teenagers had the opportunity to try the Carpathian vat filled with spring water with the aroma of essential oils and fir tree branches. There was also fun cycling around the town. Good weather contributed to a rich vacation.

In addition to entertainment, hiking and swimming, the children went to the forest to collect mushrooms.

Time flew by incredibly quickly. As a farewell, the boys and girls received sweet gifts and went to the social institution, because the next day they were already waiting for them at school.

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