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NATALIA KUTSALABA, director of the center for social support for children

BF "You-Angel" for our "Warm Home" is a guardian angel who always responds and comes to help! It's nice to know and to be sure and convinced that the team of BF "Ty-Angel" are those people who are not indifferent to children's dreams, needs, destinies, who help in fulfilling many children's wishes and solving the urgent needs and problems of the institution. We appreciate your presence in the "Warm House". Thank you for the many years of cooperation and we wish that the angelic wings of the BF team "You-Angel" become stronger and stronger from the warm, sincere smiles of children! Inspiration to you in your further activities and successful implementation of all your plansєктів!

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OKSANA OSTAPCHUK, director of the shelter for children

On behalf of the students and the administration of the Moscow Children's Educational Institution, I would like to express my gratitude to the Ty-Angel Charitable Foundation for constant help and wond

TETYANA, Kyiv-Paris

How well done you are! Do a good job! I wish the Foundation success, strong, good friends and partners and, of course, I support all caring people! Hold on!


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