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“House of an Angel” Again Accepted Orphans And Children in Difficult Life Circumstances

Since the beginning of winter, the Children’s town “House of an Angel” has welcomed 60 children. They are the orphans and children in difficult life circumstances fully supported by the state.

The children had the opportunity to meet Saint Nicholas and celebrate Christmas in the “House of an Angel”. There were a place for a cultural and entertainment program in the town. The little children visited with carols local residents and the local monastery; took part in the consecration of water on the Svicha mountain river; and went sledding on the snow-covered Carpathian slopes.

This time, the program of children's stay in the town was also full of interesting events, acquaintances and excursions. In four days, the boys and girls visited Ivano-Frankivsk, where they visited their favorite “McDonald’s”, the huge movie theater “Movieland”, played bowling, and visited a horse farm. Here they rode horses and tasted delicious pizza.

During their stay at the “House of an Angel”, the children received guests from the “Ave Mari” International Charitable Society. Together with the guests, they played fun games, sang Christian songs and learned musical literacy on musical instruments. They also had the opportunity to visit the swimming pool of the sports school, warm up and improve their health in a real Carpathian vat, which is equipped in the town, and attended a boxing master class.

The four days of the children's stay in the town passed very quickly and gave them many positive emotions, which are now extremely necessary for boys and girls.

We are sincerely grateful to our partners from “Nova Ukraine” for their support of the foundation's charitable initiatives, in particular those focused on the organization of rest, health and social-psychological rehabilitation of Ukrainian children who have been living in the throes of war for more than two years.

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