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Children Were Preparing for the Easter Holidays in the OncoHematology Department

According to an ancient Ukrainian tradition, people diligently put their homes in order, weed the yard, bake Easter eggs, write Easter eggs, and paint Easter eggs on Maundy Thursday.

We also decided to spend this day preparing for the meeting of the Risen Christ together with our friends from the OncoHematology Department of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital.

The foundation’s art therapist Marichka Pazynyuk told the children about Easter, the traditions and customs of this great holiday, its essence in the life of every Christian. After the interesting story and answers to the questions of inquisitive children, everyone started working on Easter eggs. The children and volunteers of the foundation, under the watchful guidance of Marichka, skillfully managed the eggs-preparations and used the technique of decoupage. This technique includes surface decoration by pasting an image on it and covering it with several layers of varnish in this handicraft technique. All the participants were delighted with the result, some managed to make two or even three Easter eggs.

It is a great joy for the foundation team that new volunteers join our creative work in the OncoHematology Department: Svitlana Bogdanivna Hladka – methodologist of the department of decorative, applied, and fine arts of the Ivano-Frankivsk State Center for Aesthetic Education; Oleksandr Dovhomelya, and Natalya Drin.

We sincerely thank our volunteer friends Oleksandr Lytovchenko and Nataliya Nimchuk for their help with materials for the creative activity, as well as for the delicious and fragrant Easter cakes, which was given to every child who, due to health conditions, have to spend the holidays in the walls of a hospital ward.

The team of CF “You are an Angel” sincerely congratulates everyone on the upcoming holidays. We wish you to spend the Easter holidays with relatives and friends, in peace and comfort. Good health and peace. In a special way, we want to congratulate our Defenders and thank them for the opportunity to celebrate Easter under the rays of the sun and the blue sky.

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