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Victoria Khomynets went to Truskavets for rehabilitation

The CF “You are an Angel” has paid a voucher to Truskavets clinic for rehabilitation.

On Monday, the girl has started 12-days intensive rehabilitation treatment. Therapeutic exercises are painful, unpleasant, and unusual for the child, but Victoria courageously endures the pain and pleases her mother with her results. Moreover, they already are!

“Rehabilitation is taking place at a high level. Victoria cries and screams in pain, but she tries very hard to cooperate with the rehabilitation specialists. On the third day of treatment, she began to touch her face with her little hands, to rub her eyes when she wanted to sleep. Before the beginning of rehabilitation, we had no such progress. Our girl has become more relaxed, she has developed an appetite and sleeps soundly. Victoria is in a good mood, and she has also started making more sounds – this makes our family so happy,” says mother Alina.

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