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Victoria Khomynets Completed a Course of Treatment at the Kozyavkin’s Clinic

The course of rehabilitation treatment in Truskavets lasted 12 days. Thanks to your support and concern, the CF “You are an Angel” was able to fully pay for Victoria's treatment.

During this course, Victoria consolidated previously practiced skills. The clinic's specialists performed spine correction, reflexology, massage, physical therapy, joint development, and orofacial massage.

Already on the twelfth day of treatment, the first results were visible in Victoria – muscle tone decreased, reflexes changed, the girl began to move her arms and legs better, chew and swallow food prepared by her mother more skillfully.

During treatment, doctors noticed that Victoria's left leg is 1 cm longer than her right. Such a conclusion was a new blow for young parents, because it is a new challenge for their family. It will be necessary to visit specialized medical institutions even more, new doctors, and these are additional costs. They will be forced to undergo a full physical examination with Victoria to find out the cause of this problem.

Already at home, another trouble awaited Victoria and her parents. The girl had a seizure, convulsions began and she was taken to the intensive care unit. The child's mother says it was due to dehydration caused by a high temperature and the appearance of new teeth in Victoria. The girl is better now, but will have to stay in the hospital for some time.

Thank you for your support! It is important!

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