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Volunteers of the CF “You are an Angel” sang carols for children with cancer

On Thursday, December 28, volunteers of the CF “You are an Angel” visited the oncology department of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital with Christmas carols to wish the little patients, parents and staff of the medical facility a Merry Christmas and the coming New Year holidays.


This action has already become traditional for the volunteer family of the foundation. For more than ten years, during the Christmas holidays, we visit children who are forced to celebrate this family holiday in the hospital wards. We prepare carols, congratulations, and gifts for them.

It is gratifying that every year new people join our team, who strive together with us to bring the joyful news of the birth of baby Jesus to the children.

The Christmas carols in the hematological oncology department is always very sincere, cozy, touching and family-like, and this year it is very thrilling. Parents of the fallen Soldier Dmytro, who defended us and the Motherland in the east of Ukraine, prepared and handed over gifts for children. We are deeply convinced that today Dmytro sang carols with us for these children and greeted them from heaven!


In response to an invitation from the administration of the children’s hospital,  volunteer carols sounded through the spacious corridors of the regional hospital.

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