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The Cf “You Are An Angel” Organized a Summer Vacation and Improved the Health of a Hundred Children

During the summer vacation, the CF “You are an Angel” team organized a summer camp and healed a hundred children who live in social institutions of Prykarpattia – orphans, social orphans, and children in difficult life circumstances.

The summer camps were based on the children’s town “House of an Angel” in the village of Goshiv, Kalush District.

The children’s town “House of an Angel” is a permanent project of the foundation. For the first time, it accepted children for rest and social-psychological rehabilitation in the summer, 2022.

During this year’s summer vacation, the children’s town “House of an Angel” encompassed children from the Interregional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children (Medynia village); Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children, Dolyna Regional Center for Social Support of Children and Families “Warm House”, as well as six children from Lviv Region who lost their father, a military volunteer who died on the battlefield defending our Motherland

Children’s rest and rehabilitation in the Children's Town were accompanied by interesting and educational excursions that took place during all days of rest. The children visited Lviv, the water park, and visited the city’s wild animal rehabilitation center in Halych, and also walked through the mysterious corridors of the ancient Halych Castle. Boys and girls visited a sheep farm. Here they tasted real cheese and got to know the inhabitants of the farm – playful sheep. We visited the Vyhoda Narrow Gauge Heritage Center and traveled on the Carpathian tram. Moreover, we, together with the children, visited the Dovbush Rocks and swam in the pools of the “Shepilske” recreation complex in Stryi district. We went to the cinema and to a dance workshop.

Every evening, children had fun at Ukrainian discos organized in the Children’s Town. During the rest, they had access to our swimming pool, the latest library, api-house, sports simulators and game areas.

We continue to work on the development of the Children's Town, making it even more comfortable and cozy for children raised in orphanages.

Join us, your support is important!

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