Vladyslav Mykhailyshyn plans to back to kindergarten

2021 08 31 Views: 234

Our Vladyslav Mykhailyshyn continues treatment of the central nervous system. He works on balance, coordination, including the balancer exercises. Vladyslav improved his right hand usage; he can now crawl longer and faster. This means that the treatment is effective, so you should not stop for a day!
The child is preparing for examination at the Kharkiv Genetic Center. This will allow to plan a program of the next rehabilitation course aims to improve his mental and physical activity. Vladyslav has visited a dentist – he needs to have his teeth treated. However, this cannot be done without anesthesia. Mom is worried, but we are sure that everything will be fine. In addition, the boy plans to return to kindergarten. It is recommended to communicate with peers at least 3-4 hours a week. This will improve the child's worldview and socialization.
Let us remind you, that Vladyslav has a congenital defect of the CNS. He needs systematic rehabilitation courses to make possible his independent moving.