Victoria Petsa-Dovbush has completed the 11th course of rehabilitation

2021 08 19 Views: 475

Victoria has passed the eleventh course of rehabilitation treatment at the Truskavets Clinic. The girl gets brilliant results from the treatment here.
Twelve days of intensive training with rehabilitators at the International Center, frequent walks in the fresh air, and sound sleep helped the child to relax the spasticity of her arms and legs. The girl's eyesight improved and her eyes became more expressive. Victoria well passed the procedures assigned, and never even cried.
“Every time my daughter and I come to the clinic, we experience incredible feelings – as if we have returned to our home. Victoria fells very comfortable here, she is happy and feels good. We meet many familiar doctors, in a word, everyone here knows Victoria. During the course, we managed to meet many parents and children with whom we had previously undergone treatment. It is a pity that the rehabilitation flew by very quickly “, shares her impressions of the stay in Truskavets Victoria's mother, Mr. Vera.
The Petsa–Dovbush family has already returned to their native Ivano-Frankivsk. Here they will again work hard on Victoria's body, but with the new strength and inspiration they have gained at the resort. They even had time to visit the dentist and treat Victoria's problem teeth.
We thanks to everyone who helps us pay for Victoria’s rehabilitation treatment. Thanks to our efforts, the child has the opportunity to grow, improve the quality of her life, and fight a complex disease that haunts her from the first days of birth.