A half marathon will be run in Ivano-Frankivsk to equip the Children's House “House of an Angel”

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On January 10, 2022, Kyiv resident Tetiana Hrynyova will run 21 kilometers through the streets of Ivano-Frankivsk. The half marathon aims at supporting the “You are an Angel” Charity Foundation and raising funds for the construction of the Children's House “House of an Angel” which is being built in village Goshiv. The funds will be raised as part of the record-breaking Kind Race 120 charity running project, which raises money for good deeds across Ukraine.
It is planned to raise $ 21,000 to help the “You are an Angel” Charity Foundation – the funds will be used to carry out interior repairs and purchase furniture.
“Even if you transfer a few UAH, the help will still be significant. A square meter of ceramic tiles or one and a half meters of wood paneling cost UAH 300. Warm blankets for babies cost UAH 12,000. If we manage to raise UAH 60,000 – this is an opportunity to buy furniture for children's bedrooms," said the director of the Charitable Foundation “You are an Angel” Vitaliy Saban.
How to join?
You can run with the benefactress a half marathon distance or a distance up to 400 meters for you. To do this, please fill out the form.
You can also join the Kind Race 120 by making a donation on the project website. The more funds raised, the sooner volunteers will be able to open the “House of an Angel” and rehabilitate orphans and children in difficult circumstances.
You can support other good deeds. Kind Challenge philanthropist and founder Tetiana Hrynyova will run 21.1 km every day for 120 days to raise $ 1 million for the charity. Each race will meet certain requirements, subject to which Tanya will set the first running record in Ukraine, entered in the Guinness Book of Records.
“I recently learned this trick – if you are scared and hard, find someone who is even scarier and harder and help. This is a winning strategy, because when you give another person hope and faith in miracles, your own fears and problems recede into the background. Thanks to Kind Race, we want to help someone new every day: children with oncology, teenagers with disabilities, women with difficult pregnancies, Ukrainian soldiers and the homeless people. Everyone who needs it. If we do it right, it will be a Guinness World Record. You can join by running with me. We run in Kyiv and other cities, or you can “buy” one step from my half marathon and get a certificate,“ said Tetiana Hrynyova, philanthropist and founder of the Kind Challenge platform.
Everyone who donates more than $ 1 will receive an electronic certificate of purchase of Tetiana's step. He/she will also be able to find his/her name on a special kind map. For a donation more than $10, the benefactor will also receive a special medal (kind coin).
The partners of the event were: Athletics Federation of Ukraine, Vodafone, Smartflex, Toyota, Morshyn, Medical Group of Adonis, VO2MAX, GT Group.