Volunteers raised funds for the “House of Angels” in Zurich

2019 07 03 Views: 1605

Volunteers of the Swiss public organization “Ukrainischer Verein Zentral und Ostschweiz” held the “Ukrainisches Essen!” charity event on Saturday, June 29. This event aimed at Ukrainian culture and custom popularization. Volunteers treated dishes of Ukrainian national cuisine during the event, and good mood and volunteers-musicians from Lviv provided positive emotions.
“We got only positive feedback from the visitors, and that is very important to me - from volunteers too”, said Daryna Protsyuk, an organizer of the charity event.
There were presentation of the CF “You are an Angel” activities for the Swiss, talking about the implemented and ongoing projects of the foundation. Particular attention was paid to the project “House of Angels” - a children's town in the Carpathians for rest and rehabilitation of deprived children. 
All interested persons had an opportunity to make a charitable contribution in specially equipped boxes. As a result, the “Ukrainischer Verein Zentral und Ostschweiz” volunteers managed to raise 1,500 francs.
Volunteers from Zurich will hold the next big charity event in March 2020.
Let’s remind you, that this is the second charity event hold by the Swiss volunteers in support of Ukrainian children, in particular the wards of the CF “You are an Angel”. Last year, the locals happily responded to a charity event and donated to children 3,000 francs. 1 500 francs were transferred to the CF “You are an Angel”, and the rest of the amount was transferred to a charitable organization operating in the east of Ukraine.
The CF “You are an Angel” expresses its sincere thanks to the volunteers of the “Ukrainischer Verein Zentral und Ostschweiz” for the event and for supporting the fund's projects. Your help is extremely important to us!