Nadiya Labachuk – skin condition deteriorated in the summer

2021 07 19 Views: 182

Nadiya Labachuk's general development is good. However, the biggest problem is the condition of her skin, which has deteriorated in the summer. The skin has become more vulnerable, especially in the affected areas (legs and arms). Nadiya is trying to take the first steps, so the skin on her legs is always injured.
The baby is already 9 months old. During this time, the girl has changed a lot. Deep postpartum wounds healed, daily dressings became less painful, and the girl began to smile more. Recently, Nadiya uttered the first word “mother”. He likes to listen to children's songs, tries to sing along and dance. Moreover, every day she looks at picture books, loves walks in the woods. She listens enthusiastically to stories about animals.
Therapeutic nutrition provides greater skin density, accelerates wound healing. Therefore, Nadiya needs to take it every day. Specialized food is not cheap, and every month its daily rate increases, because the baby grows. Let us remind you, that Nadiya has a rare genetic disease that occurs ones per 50 000 persons – bullous epidermolysis.