The infamous decision to liquidate the "Warm House" was canceled

2021 04 23 Views: 383

We end the working week with the good news!
The "Warm House" is saved. Today, on April 23, during the session of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council, the draft decision to cancel the decision № 87-4 / 2021 dated February 19 on the liquidation of the Dolyna Regional Center for Social Support of Children and Families "Warm House" was voted. 77 deputies voted for this.
The head of the regional state administration, Andriy Boychuk, said that disciplinary proceedings had been opened against the former head of the children's service, Ivan Kovalyk. The investigation is still ongoing.
"It happens that people are not iron, sometimes they make mistakes. They find out the reasons and conditions of such a misdemeanor. Someone talked about transfer to the community, and someone wrote a decision on liquidation. There were consequences – seven children were transferred where they did not have, separated brothers. Nevertheless, social justice has been restored," Andriy Boychuk said.
Oleksandr Sych, the head of the regional state administration, apologized to the deputies for the decision they had to make on February 19, and noted that the deputies were not guilty of making that decision.
The team of Charitable Foundation "You are an Angel" expresses its sincere gratitude to like-minded people, friends, partners, colleagues and everyone who was involved in the struggle for the "Warm Home", and most importantly for the rights and interests of orphans and children deprived of parental care!
Justice is worth fighting for!
Let's unite for the sake of children :)