Evelina Gladiy had a course of treatment in Chernivtsi

2021 11 04 Views: 207

Evelina has successfully completed a rehabilitation course held at the Bukovina Center for Rehabilitation Treatment and Comprehensive Rehabilitation of Children. The child is already sitting straight, not leaning on the back of a chair. Therefore, she can sit for three minutes. The girl also walks, holding her mother's finger. In the end, her mother still supports her back or pelvis, but the girl controls her body and does not fall. The result of rehabilitation is obvious, but there is still a lot of work to be done before the full possibility to walk.
It has been two years since Evelina's oncology is in remission. She will have a CT scan of her liver again next week. We hope that everything will be fine.
Let us remind you that Evelina Gladiy was born prematurely. She has many comorbidities, and cerebral palsy was the main of them. The mother treats the child from birth and numerous rehabilitations give results. We ask you to continue to help in the recovery of the child.