They need your help

Labachuk Nadiya

2021 04 02 Views: 239

Immediately after giving birth, little Nadiya was hospitalized for pediatric intensive care. The parents were told that the child had skin problems. Numerous medical examinations have established a genetic disease – bullous epidermolysis. This disease occurs due to a “breakdown” of the gene and occurs once in 50 000 cases. Such children are called “butterflies”.


Vladyslav Mikhailyshyn

2021 02 05 Views: 382

Vladyslav Mikhailyshyn is a very small boy. However, he resists diseases as an adult person. Due to difficult childbirth and improper delivery, Vladyslav suffered a stroke in the perinatal period. And this greatly affected his future health and life. After birth, the child was admitted to the intensive care unit with subsequent consequences and diagnoses: microcephaly, cerebral palsy, tetraparesis, and epilepsy.


Iryna Dovgomelia

2020 09 13 Views: 846

We would like to introduce you a small and very cute girl Irynka. Soon she will turn her 5. Irynka loves dancing and fun games, as well as painting. Besides, she loves her brothers very much – 10 years-old Mykhailyk and 2 months-old Ivasyk. Moreover, everything would be fine if only the terrible diagnosis – multicystic of both kidneys which causes anemia, hyperparoterosis (excess calcium), excess phosphorus, because kidneys do not filter it. All her efforts are to combat the disease.


Evelyna Gladiy

2020 08 27 Views: 1001

Evelina has almost turned her five yet. The life story of this cute girl started in April 2016. Evelina is an early bird who came in life too early from her mother's tummy. The six-month-old baby of 870 mm weight and 35 cm height frightened the doctors of the maternity hospital. No one knew what would happen to the baby; whether would she cope with this and whether would she be able to live a full life in the future.


Victoria Petsa-Dovbush

2019 03 25 Views: 2392

Victoria has been struggling with severe disease. She was born with a perinatal lesion of the central nervous system at severe stage, with cerebral edema obtained within her stimulated birth - and this all happened due to the fatal mistake of a doctor. Only with your help, she will undergo the necessary treatment in Truskavets and will have a chance for a better future.