Who we have helped

Vistovska Victoria

2017 07 16 Views: 2984

The history of this child is not easy. Victoria fought brain cancer for 2 years, she has almost recovered, but the disease relapsed. The same procedures were again, but doctors said they had no effect. So the child starts all over again. But now she asks for our help. In April 2014, Victoria fell off a bike. Since then, her difficult struggle began.


Pryimych Anna

2017 06 01 Views: 3122

Seven year old Anna has never gotten seriously illness; she was vaccinated, so she was not disease-prone. Doctors diagnosed she was healthy she has gone to school. And suddenly at school she began to vomit. Anna’s mother thought it was feed poisoning, doctors from Kalush hospital also assumed it. The prescribed medicaments and Anna was getting treatment for all week.


Semenyuk Brothers

2017 05 30 Views: 1261

They are three brothers. This is a rare genetic incurable disease. Living with this disease is possible, if only a person will have the daily special meal. And you know: the rare disease, the more expensive drugs. This is a common marketing ploy, and children do? And if we multiply amount by 3?


Romaniv Julia

2017 02 06 Views: 1266

It happened so, Julia is sick from her birth. To her two years she had epileptic seizures. It becomes possible to overcome disease by prying a lot and massage course getting. But the girl has a rare pathology that is accompanied by disturbance of the lower intestine. It is complicated with Down syndrome. She needs to be feed very often and for a long time, the child even at night gets up to eat.


Hushpit Yaryna

2017 01 17 Views: 1537

Yaryna’s parents had found out her disease, when the girl was one year old. Her mother noticed a girl is underdeveloped her peers. Doctors insisted that there was no problem until the girl was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Doctors didn’t give them the chance of child recovery for pestering in almost all rehabilitation centres of Ukraine.


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