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Hrytsiuk Artem

2016 06 13 Views: 4784

Artem was with his granny from childhood. However, when he was 3 years old, she died from cancer. His mother didn`t allow his father to talk with son, she changes phone numbers every time. She beat him and starved. The boy had a homeless way of life. Once the boy climbed on the high tree in the park and fell down – it gave a push to the disease.


Zinenko Anastasia

2016 02 26 Views: 2965

A cherished girl - Nastia was born in a family Zinenko after long 10 years of waiting. The girl was born prematurely. Parents got to know the diagnose in a hospital - congenital meningoencephalitis. She weighed only 5 kg in seven months. Nastia didn`t gain weight at home and every time cried. Now, she is 6, she cannot speak and walk.


Konyk Davyd

2016 01 31 Views: 2835

A big trouble comes to Konyk family: the son was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. 4-years old Davyd began to complai on about a bad state of health and the family immediately decided to take actions to fully examined the child in the hospital. It seemed to be a simple cold, but the state of the child`s health rapidly worsened. After numerous analysis, the doctors diagnosed leukemia of the 4th stage.


Petrus Mykhailo

2016 01 16 Views: 3280

Mykhailo Petrus - a very active child. It was seen from the early childhood. He always helps mother and grandmother with housework, he likes to make dumplings and wash dishes. All animals in granny`s village like the boy, while he adores coming there. He helped teachers in the kindergarten to organize entertainments for children and to tie shoelaces.


Muzychyn David

2016 01 01 Views: 2255

David`s treatment has begun in December 2013. He was diagnosed with tumor in the leg. He finished 14 chemotherapy blocks during one year and one surgery in Budapest. Treatment was hard and serious for the child, in addition – very expensive for the family. Relatives, friends, acquaintance and people helped the family. David has two sisters, one sister is sick from birth with CP.


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