Who we have helped

Kotula Svyatoslav

2017 11 15 Views: 737

When twins comes to the world, it seems to be a double joy; but in this story, the first child is healthy, and the second one has a series of illnesses. Svyatoslav is the second of the twins. In addition, he has a cerebral palsy. Svyatoslav is not able to go, although he very much wants to run with his brother, especially since his brother constantly calls for a football.


Pavlyshyn Danylo

2017 10 08 Views: 2186

Danylo, like most of our wards, was born healthy. He was very an energetic and joyful boy. He studied very well, played saxophone, enjoyed sports. In September 2017 he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Danylo was prescribed an expensive and long-term treatment. His mother has been being separated from her husband for 9 years and has two children.


Fedoriv Yulia

2017 09 11 Views: 1045

Yulia was born a healthy child, had no deviations. She diagnosed with a Wilms tumor in her almost 5 years after a sharp abdominal pain and medical examinations. The girl had a surgery in Kyiv. She was undergoing treatment for a year. However, this treatment caused another illness - hepatitis B. Doctors found it after the analysis.


Rosinskiy Volodymyr

2017 08 13 Views: 1406

Rosinskiy’s family has six children. The Family is friendly, but painful. Volodymyr for example, was diagnosed with immune thrombocytopenic purpura. This disease is characterized by blood platelet number decreasing and bleedings. It’s rather difficult for Volodymyr to live with it – he always has a nose bleed, bleeding gums, he has an enlarged spleen.


Vistovska Victoria

2017 07 16 Views: 2865

The history of this child is not easy. Victoria fought brain cancer for 2 years, she has almost recovered, but the disease relapsed. The same procedures were again, but doctors said they had no effect. So the child starts all over again. But now she asks for our help. In April 2014, Victoria fell off a bike. Since then, her difficult struggle began.


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