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Budzovych Mychaylo

2016 11 14 Views: 876

Grandparents supported four children. A sick child Mychaylo is among them. His elder 20-year-old sister Vitaliya became his guardian. The boy’s father died and the mother was deprived of parental rights. 16-year-old Michael suddenly got ill – he was diagnosed with pansinusitis (sinuses inflammation) and brain epiema (limited accumulation of pus in brain substance).


Korneychuk Marco

2016 11 13 Views: 929

Marco was always cheerful and optimistic and was sick only with colds. He had weekly outdoors trips with his parents, liked amusement rides. Despite he had low hemoglobin level from his birth, the boy was getting sick very rarely. But suddenly Marco ached in arms and legs joints with fever. After tests and hematologists and other specialist consultations, the boy was diagnosed with acute myeloblastic leukemia.


Lyudmila Melnichuk

2016 10 11 Views: 2031

12-year-old Lyudmila had a carefree childhood, studied well at school and helped her parents. A holiday camping changed everything, and the girl had never visited it. Testing and ultrasound during visit preparation showed a tumor. It was necessary to get surgery and to remove a large tumor with the right ovary. The tumor was malignant.


Borkovskyi Matvii

2016 08 18 Views: 1271

Matvii is a wanted child. Each member of a family rejoiced in a newborn child, but after a month, parents got to know the diagnose of a boy – phenylketonuria. It was an answer for mother`s question “Why he belches so often?”. The organism doesn`t digest protein. Now they (Matvii and his mother) are on the registry in Children`s Hospital, Regional Medical Genetics Center


Zinenko Anastasia

2016 02 26 Views: 2315

A cherished girl - Nastia was born in a family Zinenko after long 10 years of waiting. The girl was born prematurely. Parents got to know the diagnose in a hospital - congenital meningoencephalitis. She weighed only 5 kg in seven months. Nastia didn`t gain weight at home and every time cried. Now, she is 6, she cannot speak and walk.


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