Who we have helped

Mosorko Ruslan

2017 07 16 Views: 436

If a child from a large family is sick- that’s a problem for all relatives. And if that is the eldest son, and even has cancer – it's just grief. Ruslan was born with oxygen deficiency, which influenced on his further health. Doctors even did not give hope the child would survive. But Ruslan survived, grew up and was healthy.


Roshchin Andriy

2017 07 05 Views: 1517

Andriy Roshchin is 12 years old. He goes to school. But this time he left the “Last Call” event because he learned about a terrible disease – non-Hodgkin's T-lymphoma with bone marrow failure. Andriy’s mother has long been fighting for his health; he has a low immunity, and now lymphoma. Andriy has a younger brother. A single mother brings them up.


Pryimych Anna

2017 06 01 Views: 2398

Seven year old Anna has never gotten seriously illness; she was vaccinated, so she was not disease-prone. Doctors diagnosed she was healthy she has gone to school. And suddenly at school she began to vomit. Anna’s mother thought it was feed poisoning, doctors from Kalush hospital also assumed it. The prescribed medicaments and Anna was getting treatment for all week.


Semenyuk Brothers

2017 05 30 Views: 727

They are three brothers. This is a rare genetic incurable disease. Living with this disease is possible, if only a person will have the daily special meal. And you know: the rare disease, the more expensive drugs. This is a common marketing ploy, and children do? And if we multiply amount by 3?


Ramazanov Eldar

2017 04 20 Views: 1964

An active guy has many friends and is always ready to help. Eldar Ramazanov has a good memory and wants to study architecture. He is an athlete. Once after competition guy felt abdominal pain. A local doctor examined him, diagnosed with muscles contraction and prescribed muscle relaxing medicament. And the pain did not cease and accompanied with fever.


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