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Their smiles and memories extinguished forever remain in our hearts. Eternal tribute to them!

Suduk Oleksandr († 07.10.2015)

2015 07 21 Views: 4482

A cheerful boy – Oleksandr shines from joy, and gives all his love to people around him. Child is interested in art classes, engaged in sport gymnastic and modern dances. He would continue enjoying all hobbies and interests, if not a suddenly appeared problem with his health, which paint the summer in grey colors.


Myshchak Ivan († 13.10.2016)

2015 06 01 Views: 2535

Ivan is a boy with sincere and kind heart. He is very responsive and gentle person. He has sympathy for every person, but now he is in need of our sympathy for him. When his parents suspected of a tumor, he learned in the 9th grade. The tumor grew so rapidly, that there was a need to remove a lymph node.


Ostapiuk Mykola († 27.12.2016)

2015 04 30 Views: 3871

Mykola is engaged in football professionally. He is a student of Ivano-Frankivsk Physical Education College. He fell ill in October, when he was just playing football and got hematoma. Severe pain in leg and right buttock area appeared. They decided straight away to visit the hospital, where doctors said the analysis was terrible. The boy has metastasis in the lungs and sarcoma of the 4th stage.


Drahanchuk Anna-Mariia († 12.02.2016)

2015 04 29 Views: 3967

How long was parents “wait” to have a baby – 8 years. Their child, Anna is a very quick-witted girl, parents could not help admiring the child. She was ill as a usual child sometimes, but she began to suffer from pain in her leg, especially in the night, from September. The girl had long examinations, different diagnoses and operation in Kyiv.


Kishchuk Mykola († 16.06.2017)

2015 04 28 Views: 4501

Kolia`s family has many children. He is the 8th child in the family. He is the youngest and most problematic. He has cancer of the eyeball. The tumour in his eye began to increase sharply. Kolia did not suffer from pain, had good vision, but the tumour was so big, that parents sounded the alarm immediately. Drops didn`t help the child, then he had to have surgery in Odesa.


Kruk Mariana

2014 08 27 Views: 5409

Mariana Kruk is a future technologist of meat production and conservation. Girl graduated from 9 grades and entered the college; she successfully completed the first course. But she can’t enter the second year. She has a tumor. In her 16 Mariana has not even a passport because of her disease. She got sick in the summer. It was a pain in her shoulder.


Maria Kunichak († 22.09.2016)

2013 11 27 Views: 6832

At the end of February 2013, bad times came to Kunichak family. They noticed that their 15-year old daughter Maria’s lymph nodes got bigger. At first everybody thought that it was a common cold, but unfortunately it was not the case, and the girl was diagnosed with fourth degree Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Maria was never sick before. At summer she helped a lot with chores around the house and in the yard.


Vitaly Krasheninnikov (+ 28.12.13)

2013 11 05 Views: 5327

When Vitaly was 14 months, he had pneumonia and he was hospitalized because he could not breeze. At that time his mom suspected that he has a big tumor that makes it difficult for him to breeze. After two weeks of consultations and tests both in Inano-Frankivsk Children’s Hospital and in Kiev, the diagnosis was final: stage III lymphoma, and now Vitaly needs chemotherapy. Vitaly’s condition was serious. Because of the disease, he could not walk, eat, and became nervous. The big size of the tumor made it difficult to treat it, but the doctors in Kiev Ohmadyt were trying to do all they could.


Andriy Dovganych

2013 10 15 Views: 4943

Andriy is 16 years old. He had just started to feel the taste of real life, and suddenly the disease interrupted everything. The boy is diagnosed with lymphoma. After he learned about his diagnosis, he changed. It seems that he stopped living, and he is just existing. Andriy is the youngest of three children. He never had any health problems, and he was just an ordinary boy. In summer he began complaining about chest pains, and after many visits to the various hospitals, he learned about his diagnosis.


Nazar Kovalski

2013 03 25 Views: 6132

Every August Kovalski family celebrates Nazar’s birthday. The boy was healthy and was growing just like everybody else. Nazar did well at school: he is a winner of School Olympiads in Language Arts, Math, and Science. He also participated in City Olympiads and won prizes. Nazar loves sports, chess, hiking in woods and mountains. Nazar’s friends and classmates love him, teachers consider him to be a good role model for others. In January 2013, the misfortune happened. Nazar was diagnosed with Burkitt's lymphoma, and this diagnosis was confirmed in Ivano-Frankivsk Children’s Hospital and in OHMADYT in Kiev.


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